Providing professional service to the insurance industries across marine, casualty and cargo lines:
• Claims handling, administration and investigations
• Loss adjustment
• Salvage sale of damaged goods
• Members of worldwide networks
• Surveyor network covering Poland and neighbouring countries


Condition surveys
• Pre-entry surveys for underwriters
• Pre-vetting surveys
• Vessel Evaluation and Pre-purchase surveys

Damage surveys:
• Hull and machinery
• Port facilities
• Estimation of repair costs and supervision of repair
• Marine accident investigations (surveyors certified by DNV), Angle of blow surveys.

Surveys on P&I matters:
• Pre-entry condition surveys
• Cargo claims/Loss prevention surveyss
• Loss assessment
• Risk assessment (our surveyors are certified by DNV in Marine Accident investigation and Risk Assesment, TMSA & Vetting)

Small craft and pleasure yachts:
• Survey of small craft and pleasure yachts
• Post damage and evaluation surveys
• Pre-purchase surveys

Other marine surveys:
• Vessel cargo compartment surveys
• Hold Cleanliness and issuing hold cleanliness certificates
• Fitness for carriage of certain cargoes
• Technical conditions
• Silver nitrate tests
• Hatch-cover inspections
• Ultrasonic & Hose tests
• On/Off-hire condition surveys & bunker surveys

Marine Safety Inspections carried out on behalf of the following Administrations:
• Antigua & Barbuda, W.I.
• Dominica
• Liberia
• Marshall Islands
• Vanuatu
• Antigua & Barbuda

• Our lead auditors carry out vessel audits and certification for the Liberian flagged vessels.


A wide variety of Quantity and Quality surveys (including tally, draft surveys, cargo sampling etc.)
Pre-shipment inspections, inspection of goods, their condition, packing and suitability for transportation
Performance surveys, ascertaining suitability of cargo spaces and cargo handling equipment
Cargo operations supervision, loading and securing supervision.

Conformity surveys:
ascertaining cargo condition at any stage of handling i.e. Prior to shipment, on board, post discharge. Surveys at major industrial sites inland

Range of commodities inspected
- agricultural products
- chemicals, minerals and raw materials
- steel products
- various industrial products and consumer goods
- marine cargo
- CMR surveys all over Europe

Quality (sampling) and quantity control of
• Bulk cargoes
• Reefer cargoes
• Liquid cargoes
• General cargoes
• Supervision of cargo operations
• Cargo compartments inspections
• Warehouse inspections
• Container inspections
• Stowage, lashing and securing inspections, issuing of safe stowage and securing certificates
• Pre-shipment surveys
• Hazardous cargoes, our surveyors are IMO, ADR, RID certified consultants
• Cargo loss prevention surveys and investigations
• Loss assessment
• Automobile surveys
Automobile inspections in Polish ports (both on imported and exported automobiles)
Inspections are also carried out during deliveries inland. Our network of correspondents covers the entire area of Poland.
• Consultations on cargo transportation


Consulting on suitability for transportation on heavy lift & project cargoes.

Pre-planning and supervision of securing arrangements Design review. Technical consultancy.

Highly skilled and trained personnel capable of :
• Preparing loadout manuals and method statements.
• Risk assessment (Trained by DNV)
• Pre-planning and lashing/securing calculations.
• Loadout supervision. Surveys in all Polish and East European ports.
• Towage approval surveys

Towage trains are inspected in all aspects to ensure successful transportation. The entire project and the planned route are taken into consideration. This commences on verifying the suitability of towing vessel and the towed object.
The entire operation is monitored throughout the voyage and weather routing assistance is given to ensure safety of the project.